The innovation team of UniCom Studio was formed in 1989. On the basis of our professional goals and marketing policy, we laid down the development trend of PC category computers and Microsoft® Windows® operation system already at the start.

We started the implementation of our professional concept by involving users that were ready to accept it and by now we endeavour to provide full service.

We attach our name exclusively to products that are of high quality, operable and successful in the long-term. We have developed our own technology and therefore our products are welcomed also in the Western markets.

The innovation team of our company began developing systems working under Microsoft® Windows® in 1991. Our first assignment was the development of a spatial information system for family doctors. We began distributing the PCA Family Doctor system in 1991 to users that had adequate hardware for operating high-level technology and adequate knowledge, and have attended our training course.

By the end of 1992, we established correct working relationship with more than 160 users having registration cards.

In 1993, our system was put into operation, in addition to individual users, in several districts of Budapest and in several locations in the country, after unified training.

As a result of the full-service and the European relationship, we registered by the end of 1993 more than 400 physician users who were happy to use Windows and our systems running under that platform. The system obtained the licence of ESAB (Hungarian Software Accreditation Committee).

In the spring of 1994, we installed the family doctor system in various districts of Budapest and in many settlements in the country. The number of our registered users exceeded 500.

By the end of 1995, we had trained more than 3000 persons. The employment health module and the outpatient service system were added to our offer.

In 1996 we installed our economic systems in Budapest and in several settlements of Hungary.

In 1997 we developed a fax-modem laboratory system and several municipality programs. We also completed two training labs for Általános Vállalkozási Foiskola (General Enterprising College) with 20 computers in each.

In 1998 we started to adapt medical measurement devices to our medical programs. First we adapted blood-sugar meters to our medical programs. We completed our national summary program which was installed in several clinics.

In 1999 the number of our users with Windows 9.x has been increasing and we have installed several of our medical programs in network environment. We have adapted more devices, including spirometer and audiometer devices, to our programs. The constant expansion of our company has made it necessary to move our seat.

2000 We set up a pyramid-architectured (town, county, Budapest centered) system of 150 computers suitable for data sending and supported by telephone communication. It is able to make severeal statistics by central data processing.

2001 Integrated out patient service system of us was set up in Szentendre wich handle financial and patient data of an institute by Microsoft SQL system.

2006 We began working on different software development projects for the National Bank of Hungary.

2009 We developed specialized business data processing software for KopintDatorg, Plc.

2010 Introduction of our first Windows Azure optimized software targeting day care organizations' needs.

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